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foldit is a scientific game that allows players to contribute to biochemistry by folding and designing proteins. the community of non-scientists collaborate and compete on puzzles created by biochemists. i joined the project and implemented gameplay enhancements, collaborated with both community members and scientists.
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creature capture is a ccg (collectible card game) designed to educate and enthrall young students learning fractions. i was part of the team that designed the basic gameplay, from initial brainstorming to paper prototyping and user testing.
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planetopia is an educational online virtual world. players can create an avatar, go on quests, earn money and buy new items. at each stage, there are different types of games that teach different concepts in math such as proportional reasoning and fractions. i worked on both the front and back end in early alpha development.
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microsoft excel is used by millions of people around the world from wall street to home buisinesses to schools. features must be bulletproof and bloat must be minimal, working on excel teaches you to prioritize and find out exactly how to produce efficient, extensible, and bug free (to an extent) code.

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