<unity tactics>

[unity tactics] is a turn based tactical rpg for the windows phone platform. play through missions or quick battle against the computer or locally with your friends. online multiplayer is coming soon. currently in beta.
unity tactics mission selectunit tactics hd wizard blue

a [dreamnaut studios] production


work in progress, you can look at some alpha screenshots. contact me if you want to alpha test.

[survive] will be a turn based rpg for the android platform. level up and customize your character with 24 distinct skills, 9 unique rune combinations, and almost unlimited amount of randomized loot.
survive main screen cutoutrandomized loot example

a [conspire studios] production

<word grid solver>

download a [free trial version] or the [full app] on the android marketplace

[word grid solver] knows scrabble. it knows it better than you. place tiles on a board like a normal scrabble game, enter your rack tiles, hit solve and it will quickly tell you the highest possible scoring words you can play.
word grid solver promo image

a [conspire studios] production

<maze racers>

download the [full game] for free on the android marketplace

[mazeracers] is a turn based multiplayer board game for the android platform. it supports local and online play for 2-4 players. race your way to the finish line while blocking off your opponents and sending them back to the spawn with the space dinosaur.
maze racers promo

a [dreamnaut studios] production


download the [beta version] for the pc, or watch [some] [gameplay] [videos].

[xenostar] is a dual stick wave based shooter with multiple weapons, enemies, powerups, and special abilities.
xenostar screenshot 1xenostar screenshot 2

a [dreamnaut studios] production


download the [full game] here. or watch the [presentation video]

[tetrisiege] is a multiplayer 3rd person vehicle shooter where your vehicles can effortlessly climb on walls.
powerup iconstetrisiege screenshot

a [cse 125] production