tamir husain graduated from the university of california san diego in 2008. majoring in computer engineering, he focused his curriculum on graphics and game development. as a senior design project, he worked with five other students to create a real-time physics based multiplayer game ([seen here]).

after graduation, he was hired by the excel team at microsoft. on the excel team, he focused on pivot tables, legacy code, and developing features concepted by microsoft research.

from microsoft he moved on to developing android and windows phone applications and games. from multiplayer board games to strategy games to companion apps for word based games, he designed and brought various apps to the android and windows phone marketplaces.

he then began work with the center for game science group at the university of washington. there he coded, designed, and evaluated playtests of games designed to teach fractions to children. he was also worked with both scientists and a large non-technical community maintaining and improving the protein folding game foldit.

he then moved on to do further academic work by starting a masters program in computer science at the university of california irvine. there his thesis work focused on heterogeneous data transmissions and interference in a wireless environment.