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creating software and tools to advance forward research/development in science, education, and gaming.


graduate studies - computer science (information and computer science department)
  university of california irvine - 2013-2015

  • overall gpa: 3.75
  • thesis: effects of homogeneous wireless interference on real-time streaming video
  • research project:visual algorithm cache simulator as teaching tool and performance aide
  • algorithms for molecular biology & scientific computing
    • theory and application of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms
    • analysis of numerical instability and computational techniques for data mining
  • network communications & distributed computer systems
    • analysis and theory of network and distributed system performance
    • analysis of physical and applied features of wired and wireless network architecture

bachelor of science - computer engineering (ece department)
  university of california san diego - 2004-2008

  • overall gpa: 3.6
  • system design and implementation: designed a large scale real time interactive system [tetrisiege]
    • worked with a team of six members in a 10 week period to design, code, and refine a unique and fun multiplayer experience
    • built 3d game engine from scratch with multiplayer support
    • created custom network monitoring tools to reduce network traffic and increase total number of players supported in multiplayer games
  • compiler construction: designed and built interpreter and compiler
    • designed and implemented lexer, parser, and ast for real time interpreter
    • translated high level program text into machine assembly language
  • comp architecture: designed a custom isa and built processor to execute varied apps
    • full process of concept, design, implementation, and revision
  • digital design project: created hw/sw implementation of 802.11b mac layer
    • designed an optimized wep encryption co-processor
    • integrated wep module with software to simulate end-to-end mac layer
  • comp graphics & animation: created ray tracer and skeletal mesh animator/editor
    • built inverse kinematic engine on top of skeletal animation system

skill set

  • language
    • c/c#/c++
    • java
    • (x)html
    • php
    • python
    • matlab
    • lua
    • actionscript
    • x86/sparc assembly
  • ide
    • visual studio 7-10
    • eclipse
    • qt creator
    • android studio
    • svn/git/perforce
  • api
    • opengl
    • directx
    • android
    • xna/silverlight/windows phone
    • uione
    • brew
  • tools
    • json
    • jflex
    • sql
    • cup
    • *nix
    • win*
  • soft
    • team coordination
    • customer relations
    • community management
    • public test feedback


conspire studios: april 2012 - present

  • designed, coded, and brought 'word grid solver' -- an app that optimally solves scrabble boards to the android market. over 125k downloads
  • designed and coded 'survive' -- a turn based rouglike for android, currently in beta

center for game sciences (university of washington): september 2011 - may 2013
software developer

  • expanded back and front end functionality of an educational mmo for children
    • worked directly with artistic team to implement character creation and animation system
  • prototyped, designed, and developed an online multiplayer card game to teach children fractions
  • integrated scientific, visual, and user interface enhancements to foldit, a protein folding game.
    • worked with community members biotech scientists to understand requirements of all users

dreamnaut studios: january 2011 - january 2013
co-founder, lead programmer

  • design, prototyping, and development for 'unity tactics' -- a turn based strategy game for windows phone
  • developed client and server for 'maze racers' -- a multiplayer board game for android
  • gameplay, physics, and engine design for 'xenostar' -- a local co-op twin stick shooter

microsoft: august 2009 - january 2011
software development engineer - microsoft excel, business intelligence

  • collaborated with microsoft research to implement their work into excel
  • worked in the business intelligence division to form tools to best fit customer needs
  • updated legacy codebase to conform to current security and 64bit standards

qualcomm: june 2007 - june 2008
software engineering intern - mediaflo

  • created extensible mobile phone application using brew and uione
  • modified existing legacy code to conform to new layered modular architecture

ziva corp: june 2006 - june 2008
facility security officer

  • received us security clearance: 07.13.06
  • in charge of upkeep and access to restricted computers

ucsd - cvrr lab: may 2005 - july 2005
research assistant - under supervision of dr. mohan trivedi

  • wrote library for reading rfid sensor data
  • integrated code into existing sensor network structure